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Releasing information: Is Fall Out Boy back?

PropertyOfZack, a website dedicated to music, announced Fall Out Boy was ending their hiatus.  The announcement led to hope and skepticism for many fans.

After Fall Out Boy announced their hiatus a little more than three years ago, there have been many rumors of their return. But Zack Zarrillo, creator of PropertyOfZack, says he announced the real deal.

My first reaction to this news was “Finally.” But I quickly followed up with “How does he know?” Being a Communication major and seeing rumors about music so often, I am a skeptic of announcements like this.

Zarrillo says he gained his information from trusted sources, but would not disclose them because he wanted to maintain relationships with them. I understand his point. He does not legally have to tell the public who told him the information. However, as a fan of Fall Out Boy, we have seen these rumors come and go.

Zarillo did not understand why people wanted him to disclose his sources. I know why I would want to know. As I said before, this is not the first announcement of the band’s return. But every single announcement was followed by denials from the members. The fans want concrete information, we want to know the reliable sources.

What the fans want is this information direct from the band. Every time a fan hears about an end to the hiatus through a news source, they get excited. But after that happens too many times, fans no longer get excited. They start asking about the sources. The fans of Fall Out Boy are tired of rumors.

From Zarrillo’s blog, he states he had the information necessary to go ahead with the release. But did he? How many reliable confirmations are necessary to release news even a member of the band denies?

This is a something I have not learned. When do you go public with information that was not heard directly from the band? Or rather, should you go public with information of this nature?

If Fall Out Boy was making a return to the scene this year, I am sure they would like to make the announcement themselves. This would leave no doubt that it is the truth.

I will not believe Fall Out Boy has returned until all members of the band make an announcement .

Fall Out Boy fans have become skeptics. But to all of the FOB Lovers out there, we know that Believers Never Die.

Do you believe Zack Zarillo is right in going forward with his release? When are times you should disclose sources? Is this one of those times? Feel free to let me know.


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