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The end of Stickam

One week ago, Stickam announced it was closing after almost eight years of service.

For those who are unfamiliar with Stickam, it was the first live interactive web broadcasting site. The site is similar to Google Hangouts. Users created accounts and could create internet shows or just chat with their friends. It was something new that created a huge community.

The chats allowed up to seven people to be on camera at one time.  There was also a chat box for anyone who did not have a microphone or were not on camera. The user who started the chat had control over the different cameras and who was in the “room”.

An example of the Stickam set-up can be seen below.

I joined Stickam in 2009.  I was prompted to join the site because a band I had just discovered, Disco Curtis (now just Tanner Patrick), used Stickam to hold weekly chats. Every Saturday, the band would log in and talk to their fans. They would give updates while on the road. If they were at home, they occasionally would play new music. Disco Curtis used the site to be more interactive with their fans. They used it to build relationships.

Disco Curtis was not the only band that used Stickam. Many artists used the site when they wanted to release news about album releases, tour announcements, or contests.

Some of these artists even became “Stickam stars.” An example would be Kiki Kannibal. Another would be Bobby Mares of My Genuine Find. He held a show every Friday that was listed on the homepage of the site. These “stars” are comparable to “Youtube stars.” They are just people who entertain a large group of people.

Bobby Mares took his love of music and Stickam to another level. He wrote a song about Stickam.

The song was also put up for free download because so many of his fans enjoyed it.

Stickam was not exclusively for musicians but most of their users were involved with music in some way.

I became friends with a girl from Israel on Stickam.  We would start a Stickam chat and talk about music. I learned about her culture and she learned more about mine. Stickam allowed me to cross borders without ever leaving my home.

When my friends started going off to college and I was still at home, we would get on Stickam to chat. It was easier than Skype because more people could be involved. It kept us connected while we were apart.

Stickam was a great part of my life. It allowed me to get closer to musicians, meet new people and stay connected with my friends. I will miss it.


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