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Handling two Twitter accounts

I am the owner and user of two Twitter accounts. Last week, I was assigned a “Week of Tweets” for my Comm 3334 class.  I wanted to sum up my experience and let everyone know what it is like to manage two Twitter handles.

I have been using Twitter since 2008. Over that expanse of time, I have tweeted over 18,000 times. To put it simply, I am an active Twitter user.

For my communication class, I decided to make a second Twitter account. It would be a professional account that focuses on the entertainment industry.


I did not anticipate how difficult it would be to manage both of my accounts.

I did not want to sign in and out of my accounts every time I wanted to make a tweet. So I opened two web browsers. That way I could easily tweet from which ever handle I wanted.

Since the creation of my second account, I flip from one browser to the next when I want to tweet something. It is more difficult for me to tweet from my professional account while on the go because only my personal phone is linked to my phone.

However, I think I have a system that is working. There are still some flaws. Eventually, I might use TweetDeck or HootSuite to keep my life more organized, but I am not ready to take that step yet.

I believe Twitter is a valuable tool. Otherwise, I would not have been using it for so many years. Twitter allows for someone to release brief information quickly and easily. For those in the music industry, the information could be television appearances, release dates for movies or albums, concert dates and more.

News outlets update constantly throughout the day. I noticed that CNN and Huffington Post took up most of my Twitter Feed during the day. They have information that needs to get out immediately. News is highly time sensitive.

I have enjoyed following @Billboard.
They give a lot of current music information but they also do giveaways almost every day. Who doesn’t love free stuff?

I like using Twitter because it allows me to interact with others and also share my opinions in a public sphere. I have used the same account for five years, I have gathered over 400 followers based on my interests and thoughts. I hope my professional account will one day be as popular as my personal account.


One thought on “Handling two Twitter accounts

  1. I really enjoyed this post because it is very relatable to me as well. I have had my own personal Twitter account since 2009 and now have had the opportunity for the addition of a professional one. It gets crazy. I still have not leaped forward to trying out Hootsuite or TweetDeck either. Maybe we need to try together because it seems a bit complicated and I do not want to make the mistake of tweeting something personal from my professional account. I also wanted to thank you for the information about Billboard. I now follow them and love their tweets! Thanks.

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