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Thirty Seconds to Mars launch “Up In The Air” literally

On March 1, 2013, the band Thirty Seconds to Mars launched their new single, “Up In The Air,” into space.  Specifically, they’re sending it to the International Space Station. The launch could be streamed live from NASA’s website. If that isn’t a great way to start off an album cycle, I don’t know what is.

Along with news of a new Thirty Seconds to Mars song was the announcement of a new album, “LOVE LUST FAITH + DREAMS,” set for a May 21 release.

The new song premiered on March 18 via KROQ, a radio station in Los Angeles.

The band was at NASA headquarters during the premiere and did a phone interview with the radio station about the launch, the new single and the new album.

The band also did a live interview with Tom Marshburn, the astronaut who received the single. The interview can be viewed below.

This series of events are a new and exciting way to launch a campaign. Thirty Seconds to Mars have taken a unique approach to promoting their new single and album and it has given them a lot of attention. Multiple online news sources documented the event.

Leading up to the new single and album announcement, members of the band were releasing photos from the upcoming music video for “Up In The Air.”

photos from Jared Leto's Instagram account. (www.instagram.com/jaredleto)

photos from Jared Leto’s Instagram account. (www.instagram.com/jaredleto)

The band brought in Olympic gymnast, McKayla Mahoney, to be in their music video. This addition will bring in other audiences that the band may not have originally hit.

The band loves to tease their fans. They released a teaser to their video shortly after the single’s release.

The best part about the fans of Thirty Seconds to Mars is that they promote the band. The band asked for fans to help get the word out about the new single in their newsletter.

Many changed their profile pictures to the single cover that was provided in an email on release day.

The fans did not stop there. Some even create new album artwork that was retweeted to the rest of the fanbase.

There are even more creative promotions by the fans that can be seen on the Thirty Seconds to Mars twitter, @30SecondstoMars.

Thirty Seconds to Mars succeeds in promotion because:

  • They do creative things
  • They caught the media’s attention
  • They worked with someone outside their art
  • They got their fans to help

The band knows what their doing. I cannot wait to see what comes next.

If you want to hear the new single, the band released a space-y lyric video that can be viewed below.


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