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Fall Out Boy come back like a phoenix

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Two months ago, I wrote a post about the speculation of Fall Out Boy’s return. On Feb. 4, 2013, the band set the world on fire with their new single, “My Songs Know What You Did In the Dark (Light’em Up).”

The band announced their return while standing in Comiskey Park. This place in Chicago is location where Disco Demolition Night took place in 1979.  They even compiled footage from the night and used the new single for the audio.

Along with the announcement of the band’s return was a new album originally due out in May. The album was moved up to be released on April 16th since it was already complete. The band also announced a spring tour.

The band wanted the world to know that they were not the band they were before, they were rising from the ashes of the past.

The band released a music video featuring 2 Chainz for their new song. The video shows various Fall Out Boy memorabilia being burned. It is just another way the band shows the metaphor of rising from their past as well as another connection to Disco Demolition Night.

The single has speculated to have gone gold by the music site, AbsolutePunk.

This week, the band released a second song from the album, “The Phoenix.”

The new song came with a music video that adds to the story that began with the “My Songs…” video.

With the video release came the announcement that “this is chapter 2 of 11. Stay tuned for chapter 3, coming to a computer, tablet, or phone near you soon.”

This has led to the belief that the band will be releasing a video for every song on the album.

It seems as though the band knows what they are doing with their comeback.

  • They got new material out to their fans immediately
  • Allowed fans to pre-order the new album as soon as the announcement was made
  • Played shows starting the day of the announcement
  • Created giveaways for fans who pre-order the album
  • Pushed up the release date of the album from May to April 16th
  • Released a second song from the album

Based on many of these things, Fall Out Boy is using time to their advantage. They aren’t letting people forget who they are and their pleasing their fans.


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